Back home...for now.

I have been home in Banner Elk for over a month now! Feels good to get back into a routine - a nice combo of training, climbing and flooring work; Contrary to popular belief - being on the road does NOT keep you fit! Jessa and I are buying a house in Fayetteville, WV so she recently moved up there to work and get the house stuff all sorted out. I have been bouldering mostly and working on a few route projects that I have nearby. Here are a few bouldering images and a video from my collection- some old, some new. The good bouldering season is coming to an end around here...time to get ready for the heat.
Alex Johnson on the ffa of the VORTEX V.10 @ Sassyfrass, NC.

Alex Johnson killing it on OMINOUS ROOF V.9 @ 221, NC.

Ryan Scurfield sending INSTINCT V.8 @ 221, NC (left) and Jessa Goebel on 11,11 V.7 @ Rumbling Bald, NC.

Jill Church on the ffa of PUSSY FOOT V.7 @ Lost Cove, NC (left) and Michelle Smith on the ffa of BERTHA V.9 @ Lost Cove, NC.

Kate Reese (before McGinnis) making an early ascent of the ORB V.8 @ Rock Town, GA (left) and Steve Fox working the NATURAL LINE V.10 @ Ray's Roof, NC.

Rumbling Bald, NC bouldering, with Dave Sharratt and me.

Not so fancy footwork, I hit the same spot twice!

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nice pics!

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