Occupy Huse Street

Wowza…and another splendid year slips by.
Here is a pic taken last year just before I managed the first ascent of The Scavenger 5.13c

Since the move from North Carolina to West Virginia the majority of my time has been spent on the bullet Nutall Sandstone of The New River Gorge. Much to my surprise I have managed a significant (in my eyes) first ascent every month this fall and never had to place a single bolt. Most of the new rigs are located at Fern Buttress – probably the NRG’s last holdout for numerous hybrid trad rigs. As my buddy Matt Wilder put it “bouldering above gear”. So to say the least, I have been busy scouring the miles and miles of cliff band trying fill in the gaps.

Jessa Goebel on the "second" ascent of Palingenisis 5.12c - for a bit of history on this route follow this link Five Ten Blog

Word got out that Jessa and I shifted scenes and had plenty of floor space, before we knew it we had a full on “Occupy Huse Street” movement taking place in our humble abode for the better part of November. No tear gas here though – this is exactly why I love being a climber, good friends and great times!!
Some of the Occupiers (back) Freddie Wilkinson, Sam Bendroth, Matt McCormick, John Averette, Matt Bristol, (middle) Janet Bergman, Jessa Goebel, Pat Goodman, Sasha DiGiulian and Tager up front.

Video of Janet Bergman climbing Discombobulated on Endless Wall.

Here is a glimpse of a few projects Matt Wilder and I have going on. Matt's rig could be the hardest all gear route in the country when finished and obviously one of the most aesthetic!

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