Going to Pakistan!!

 Just the other day I got word that Matt McCormick, Will Meinen and I received two prestigious awards for our upcoming trip to the Karakorum  in Pakistan - the Shipton-Tilman Grant  and the Copp-Dash Inspire Award. Our objective will ultimately be a big rock route on the southwest pillar of K7 in the Charakusa Valley, but the area has a huge amount of potential for adventure, so we will likely play around on other big features as well. We are super stoked!!

 The team: Matt (top), me (bottom left) and Will (bottom right).


 The glory line on the southwest pillar!

          A few examples of features in the Charakusa - Farhood and Fatti Bhrakk (top) and the massive formation of K7.

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climberism said...

Psyched for your guys, and anxious to see how you guys do. Looks like you're coming to VT, see you soon in that case!


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