Moderate Madness

So, I don’t have much time but I thought it proper for a little update!

The Winds were great. They certainly lived up to the reputation, big and windy. We spent about 17 days in the wilderness and climbed a bunch. I got a tad bit excited about the boulders and thrashed my shoulder bad enough that I had abandon my free climbing plans on Hooker. But I did get to do some awesome climbing on it and ended up getting a good bit of video and still images of Dave and Taki sending the FFA of The 3rd Eye! I also managed to survive an on-sight free-solo ascent of the West Butt (IV 5.9/5.10) on Musembeah Peak, a 12,593’ monster across the valley from Hooker.

Solo on Musembeah Peak from Pat Goodman on Vimeo.

Short Gopro vid.

In Utah, I got a few days in at Little Cottonwood Canyon with TC. But the real treat was a lucky coincidence of a good buddy from NC, Mike Stam, being in SLC at the same time! I also squeezed in an on-sight solo ascent of the Lowe Rt (II 5.8) at Lone Peak Cirque. Video soon…

                                                                      Lone Peak Cirque
I got in a few days at Smith Rocks with my good buddy Stephen Meinhold - those of you who know Stephen; yes, it was very entertaining to watch him. Smith is no joke! The 13a's at the RRG are WAY easier than the 12a's at Smith, btw!
Now I'm blasting off from Portland in search of some solitude in the Sierra's.

So the theme as of now is Moderate Madness – I have already done two big boys, lets see how many more classic, multi-pitch moderates I can rack up. Next on the list; Cathedral Peak, Matthes Crest, Tenaya Peak, Mt. Conness, Mt. Whitney.

Cathedral Peak
Mt. Whitney - East Face

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